TEC Grad Entrepreneurship Mixer

Technology Entrepreneurship at Cornell (TEC) will be hosting an end-of-the-year entrepreneurship mixer for the graduate community on Wednesday 12/5 from 5-6PM in the Upson first floor lounge.  Enjoy free food and meet fellow graduate students who are actively engaged or interested in entrepreneurial ventures.  Speakers for the event include:

Hailey Scofield, PhD candidate in Neurobiology and Behavior, cofounder of Combplex – a company developing an IoT solution for beekeepers.

Kwame Amponsah, PhD ‘14 Electrical and Computer Engineering, founder of Xallent – a company developing nanoscale testing solutions for semiconductors and thin film materials.

Hunter Adams, PhD candidate in Aerospace Engineering and Commercialization Fellow, founder of Monarchs – low cost, fully autonomous sensor-and-radio platforms for agriculture.

David Erickson, the Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Studies, will also be at the event to give an overview of entrepreneurship resources available to graduate students.

We will also be looking for graduate students interested in leadership positions in TEC to continue our mission to promote interest in entrepreneurship.  Please RSVP here if you plan on attending!

Ruisheng Wang