Seminar with Dr. Bart Riley, founder/CTO of A123 Systems

Seminar: A123 Systems, From Nanotech to Reality

Thursday, October 20, 7PM

Thurston 205


A123 Systems is the only company to have developed and commercialized at scale a new advanced lithium-ion technology in energy storage.  Two critical decisions in the company’s history will be reviewed from a technical and business perspective.  The first decision was instrumental to A123 Systems’ IPO, the largest in 2009.  The second decision was instrumental to A123’s filing of chapter 11 in 2012.  Both decisions hold lessons for aspiring entrepreneurs.


Dr. Riley Bio: 

Dr. Riley is a successful tech entrepreneur with over 25 years of experience leading projects, teams, and businesses taking tech from lab to market.  With senior management experience at AMSC, A123 Systems, and Quantumscape, Dr. Riley has a track record for solving complex technical and business problems to launch products in multiple verticals: including industrial, consumer electronics, automotive, and grid.  More recently, Dr. Riley has provided strategic guidance to companies and non-profit organizations across additional verticals including biotech, packaging, aerospace, and chemical.  Dr. Riley has a PhD in Materials Science from Cornell, 85 publications, and 62 US Patents.  Currently, Dr. Riley is the Chief Strategy Officer at a stealth-mode, Silicon Valley energy storage company

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